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District 13 Info.

Mission: To Support Recovering Alcoholics

Monthly meetings for District 13 are held the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM:
(All are welcome)

Ventura Center for Spiritual Living
101 S. Laurel (at Santa Clara)
Ventura, CA 93001 

(Notice: Please email to ask about online/hybrid meeting info.)

District Service Structure

1.       The District 13 General Service Membership  consists of the General Service Representatives (GSRs) who represent  participating AA Groups in the District
2.       One District Committee Member (DCM) and one Alternate District Committee Member (Alt. DCM)
3.       Three appointed committee officers: a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Registrar


District Menbership

Where the AA Service Manual describes the duties, these guidelines  incorporate those descriptions, with the following supplements.


General Service Representatives (GSRs) and Alternates
See Chapter II of the AA Service Manual.


District Committee Members (DCMs) and Alternates
See Chapter III of the AA Service Manual, and:

1.        Attend District meeting, C.C.A.A. and Area Committee meetings and participate on one of the C.C.A.A. standing committees.
2.        Hold a district election every two years to  elect new DCM and alternate with terms beginning in January of  odd-numbered years: DCMs are eligible to a fill two year term after  filling an un­expired term.
3.        Help the Registration Committee maintain  current records of all registered groups in the district and the name of  the GSR and group contact. Also visit new unregistered groups in the  district.
4.        Distribute copies of the District meeting  minutes, newsletter and other district information to the GSRs as well  as Area Assembly and Area Committee meeting minutes.



Duties, in addition to those in the AA Service Manual are:



See Chapter IV of the AA Service Manual and:

1.        Take roll call at each General Service and Officers meeting of the District.
2.        Maintain a roster and phone list of members of the District.
3.        Produce minutes of General Service and Officers Meetings and provide copies to the members of the District



See Chapter IV of the AA Service Manual and:

1.        Provide a monthly financial report at each  General Service meeting of the District and submit it for approval with  copies available.
2.        Establish and maintain a permanent two-signature account with a multi-branch bank.
3.        Establish and maintain a set of books accounting for all monies handled.
4.        Pay expenses required to meet District obligations.
5.        Serve as alternate DCM for the District.
6.        Attend CCAA Finance Committee meetings and Area Committee meetings.



See Chapter IV of the AA Service Manual and:

1.        Maintains records of registered groups,  GSRs DCMs, District Officers, liaisons, standing committee chairs and  alternates. Provides this information to the GSO Records Department.
2.        Maintains descriptions and maps of the individual districts within the District area.
3.        Studies proposals for formation of new districts and modifications of existing district boundaries.

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