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Self Support: Why do you collect Money in AA?

Why do you pass a basket to collect money?

The 7th. tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous states that we are self supporting through our own contributions. 

What this means is that the money collected goes to pay for rent and supplies to keep these meetings going. The most important of which is to help the alcoholic who is still suffering and to make anyone attending a meeting for the first time to be as comfortable as possible by offering coffee and other edibles available for you to enjoy.

Guests who are attending meetings, or if you are at a meeting and do not identify as an alcoholic or a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, you should not feel obligated to give money in any way. 

One thing we can assure you is that Alcoholics Anonymous is quite different from other charities and causes out there. We do not ask for money from anyone who is not a member. And with the exception of the occasional paid worker, there are no employees of AA.  It is an all volunteer organization.

If you decide to become a member and contribute to AA, you can rest assured that it will be greatly appreciated and it will go to help those in need.

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