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Where does the money go?

Public and private events

Money that is donated to District 13 goes to pay for public events such as having an information booth at the Ventura County Fair. We also hold private workshops and events for other alcoholics and those seeking outlets to help them to continue to grow in their sobriety. Examples of these workshops that we have had recently include a Grapevine writing workshop and a Roberts Rules for conduct workshop that addressed civil and creative ways to handle disagreements that may occur between members, as well as techniques to deescalate disruptive meeting participants.


Literature, Big Books and 12 and 12 Study Guides

Members and volunteers from District 13 stock public literature in several locations throughout Ventura County. These include Hospitals and clinics, Libraries and any other facilities that are receptive to display A.A. literature in the hope that it may help the alcoholic that is still suffering. Big Books, 12 & 12 guides and meeting directories are distributed to sober living homes as well.


Fellowship and the democratic voice of A.A.

To place our common welfare first; To keep our Fellowship united. This is the first tradition. Gatherings of like minded individuals to further the cause and to improve the members strength and unity are essential to the health of A.A. as a whole. District donations pay/fund such gatherings. These gatherings also include Area Assembly meetings attended by G.S.R.’s that consider a variety of issues, from General Service Conference business to area problems and solutions and financial affairs. These assemblies host sharing sessions, public information programs, workshops, & video programs that keep A.A. strong and participation in service growing.

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